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Ubuntu Life is a Kenya-based lifestyle brand with a philanthropic and philosophical mission: to incorporate women into the workforce while commemorating native African traditions and crafts.

The Zulu word Ubuntu translates to “I am because we are,” and invokes the ancestral African philosophy that humanity and kindness are the bones of life. Appropriately, Ubuntu Life’s Founder, Zane Wilemon, and Co-Founder, Jeremiah Kuria, met because of their altruistic affinities. In 2000, when Zane purchased a one-way ticket to Kenya, he delivered food and medication to the Maai Mahiu Children’s home, and soon formed a devoted friendship with Jeremiah, the orphanage’s proprietor. Over a decade later, the humanitarian pair has pioneered social change in Kenya’s Maai Mahiu community, securing jobs for expert farmers, leather craftsmen, and the artisan population at large.

Ubuntu Life’s sustainable commercial framework leverages the country’s unique natural resources to market ethical espadrilles, handsewn leather and canvas goods, beaded jewelry and accessories, sculptures, paintings, home decor, and more. Their team has grown from just nine local mothers using manual sewing machines to five hundred proud employees. As these items and artifacts are sold in an international landscape, Ubuntu Life achieves its core goal of empowering and bonding folks and families through humanity.

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