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Founded by Phoenix Gonzalez and Sandra McCurdy, Silked is the travel-friendly beauty sleep product that turns a regular cotton pillow into a beauty solution. Silked’s hypoallergenic and antibacterial Pillow Sleeve ensures a restorative night's sleep by retaining the skin and hair’s natural moisture, which can be lost when sleeping on cotton. Using eighteen amino acids in the silk fabric, it prevents hair breakage, bedhead, rosacea, acne, and overheating during the night.

Since launching their brand in December of 2017, Phoenix and Sandra are working to take over the beauty sleep space in an innovative and eco-conscious way. As two women of color, they were inspired by the generations-old tradition of using silk pillowcases or hair scarves, and sought to create an easy, on-the go self-care solution using natural methods. Based in Los Angeles, the two have extended their 100% silk charmeuse pillow sleeve line to silk eye masks, headbands, and scrunchies. Whether in vibrant patterns or classic tones, Silked is made for everyone, for all skin and hair types.

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