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Love Notes Fragrances is a hand-poured candle company based in Brooklyn, New York with a lyrical understanding of space and time. The company’s blended aromas serve as a metaphor for the passing of time; the fusion of one day into the next; the mercurial nature of affection and emotion.

Brooklyn native Nya Kam, Founder of Love Notes Fragrances, transitioned from her career in the fashion industry into one she found pleasurable and meaningful. Inspired by love letters, Nya’s candles trigger deep-rooted memories, profound affectations, and indulge the romantic imagination. Made from organic materials, they contain custom-blended scents, natural soy wax, and lead-free cotton wicks.

In every collection, the fragrances are numbered, collectible by design -- to emulate the experience of treasuring special postcards and stashing them all in a drawer-turned-time-capsule. Since every collector is by definition a dreamer -- someone who sees nuances and secret symbols in their lot -- Love Notes Fragrances’ candles amalgamate new meaning every time they are lit.

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