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Founded by Ronne Brown, Herlistic is a plant-based beauty and wellness brand that empowers women by validating and indulging their self-care needs. Beyond incorporating rest and health into today’s bustling society, Herlistic asserts that personal care is a pillar of womanhood and everyday life.

The brand’s emphasis on holistic health is best characterized by the founder herself. Branding expert, professional speaker, author, mentor, wife, and mother of four, Brown’s goal is to equip women with the tools needed to be entrepreneurial, hardworking, and fulfilled. The tools, evidently, involve taking daily steps toward physical and emotional balance.

The Herlistic line of beauty and lifestyle products is vast and valuable. The collection includes various facial cleansers, toning serums, hydrating moisturizers, herbal infused oils, and more. Feminine hygiene products, like the Herlistic Herbal Yoni Wash, and plant peptide collagens, loose leaf teas, and sage or lavender smudge sticks complement the brand’s comprehensive skincare regimens. All of these items come together to inspire mindfulness about the human body and its languages; to meditate on the process of it.

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