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Hanahana Beauty is a conscious skincare beauty and wellness brand, driven by a mission to bring humanity to the skincare industry. Though beauty is historically an industry with opaque practices with unnatural ingredients that prioritized makeup over wellness, Hanahana Beauty is bringing transparency of ingredient sourcing, accessibility of products, and responsible environmental practices, all while promoting healthier skin and wellbeing. From sourcing shea butter from ethical producers in Ghana while providing them access to living wages and healthcare, all the way to providing a sustainable solution for their customers, Hanahana Beauty is a sustainable, modern beauty brand for the inspired woman.

Hanahana Beauty’s humanitarian and sustainability efforts for all its stakeholders are abundant. They include paying double the asking price for shea butter, ensuring proper medical checks for the Katariga community in Ghana, a partnership with Tamale SDA Hospital, providing Hepatitis B vaccinations, and managing the community money pool.

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