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Gwen Beloti Collection is a women's gold jewelry brand with a mission to celebrate golden beauties who love golden hues. Simple, artful and delicate jewelry designed for stacking and layering, Gwen Beloti jewelry is made for everyday wear, offered in a range of sizes and lengths. Launched in 2019, the brand focuses on gold exclusively, due to its luster, hues, and luxe appeal that exude in its wearer an aura of confidence.    

Like all great companies, Gwen Beloti Collection was born out of a struggle. Founder Gwen Beloti, a native of Brooklyn, trained as a fashion stylist, found shopping for apparel less fun due to her weight fluctuations. Jewelry was an accessory she could always rely on, enabling her to make statements with her look. On a mission to empower all women in the same way, she’s aiming to offer style and quality, but effortlessly. It was important to Gwen that she considered her own experience, and intentionally curated a collection that would be not just quality products, but also inclusive and accessible. The very first piece of jewelry Gwen designed was a necklace that said “Brooklyn” across the front, which she still wears to this day. 

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