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Ebony Design Studio hand-makes sustainable, lightweight jewelry that is easy on the eyes and ears. After suffering a split earlobe due to heavy statement earrings, Ebony, the brand’s founder and namesake, found a stylish solution brimming with creativity and verve. 

From sketch to sale, Ebony designs original accessories that bring color and cheer to everyday life. Made from high-quality polymer clay, the pieces are baked in an oven and cured. Every apparel addict dreams of creating their own garments and accessories. The business is open to custom orders, and encourages their fashion followers to suggest a special design. 

Ebony Design Studio quite literally creates a kaleidoscope of accessories. With colors fluid and refined, abstract lines, and funky translucent shapes. The studio’s jewelry is like a prism of possibility; since all of their jewelry is made in small batches, no order is quite alike. Every order, whether personalized or prepared by Ebony, herself, stands alone as a true objet d’art.

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