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Founded in 2018 by Mapate Diop and Evan Fried, DIOP tells a story of positive transcendence. Their bold and bright patterns act as a bridge for African-American customers to connect with their heritage and wear a mighty ancestry on their sleeve. Clothing by the inclusive brand also serves as an entrypoint for interested and inspired individuals to learn about African culture and appreciate the experiences of first and second-generation Americans.

Appropriately, the Detroit-based apparel brand’s mission is to help their followers find and become the truest versions of themselves. By providing access and exposure to abundant and beautiful West African Ankara fabrics, DIOP recognizes that incorporating familial history into everyday life is a process of self-discovery and fulfillment.

The Co-founders met in Baltimore through the Venture for America program, when Evan asked Mapate about his vibrant shirt. This first question, and the friendship that followed, was the beginning of the brand DIOP. During Mapate’s childhood, he recalls that his mother travelled back and forth from Nigeria, and she would return with rolls of authentic cotton fabrics soon to become his wardrobe. He realized with age that this was a difficult but necessary feat -- a link to their family’s native home. Thanks to his clothing company, this link is available to Americans like Mapate, who find themselves through clothing and community.

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