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BKLYN LEAGUE is a socially-conscious streetwear brand that sells apparel, accessories, and home goods created by local New York artists. Emerging out of founder Phaon K. Spurlock’s men’s fashion and lifestyle blog, BKLYN LEAGUE’s product line now includes everything from baseball caps to t-shirts, mugs and beach towels. Headquartered in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of its namesake borough, Brooklyn, the brand draws inspiration from the diversity of cultures, ethnicities, religions, and values of the surrounding community. In taking from it, the brand deliberately gives back as well.

One of the first streetwear brands with philanthropy at its core, BKLYN LEAGUE considers those in the surrounding Bedford Stuyvesant community as stakeholders, alongside customers and employees. The brand has joined forces with Teens of Color Abroad, an organization that supports Black and Brown students in enriching their education with study abroad programs, as well as Bed-Stuy Parents’ committee, a grassroots organization that supports the District 16 Public Schools.

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