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Ainsley & Troupe, founded by Ronald Ainsley Callender Jr., is a purposeful, timeless, minimal luxury clothing brand with a nature-driven twist. Using the finest materials and design cues from nature –such as color, texture, and fabrics—Ainsley & Troupe imbues its perspective on modern and classic fashion.

Its mission is rooted in Ronald’s name, too. Callender is an early English occupational name for a person who finished freshly woven cloth by passing it between heavy rollers to compress the weave, while Ainsley to be at one with nature. Hints of nature, both subtle and glaring, are major design inspirations for Ainsley & Troupe. Starting in fashion design at eight years old, Ronald customized sneakers for himself and his friends during his teen years. As an adult, he moved on to menswear and suits. As Ainsley & Troupe is his vessel to release his creativity, fulfill his purpose, and impact the world through the company's mission: equipping people with the tools they need to exude confidence and remain purpose-filled throughout their everyday lives, spiritually and sartorially.

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