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Founded by Makeup Artist Sunni, the company’s namesake, A Sunni Concept is more than a lifestyle brand. It reveals that applying makeup is a process of self-creation; it is an adventure in and of itself. 

As a child watching his grandmother dress up, Sunni identified with makeup as a means for self-actualization. He found that in the process of using his botanical serums and skincare products, his healthy skin flourished long-term, and he sought to share this with the world. Growing as a makeup artist and beautician, who has collaborated with industry names like Inglot, Mac, and Kevyn Aucoin among others, Sunni cherished that beauty products can lead to the most extraordinary but fleeting daily creations, ideas that get erased and begin again. As the name implies, Sunni’s favorite quote is “Life is but a dream.” His cosmetic career, and A Sunni Concept, is a push to achieve morality, spirituality, and educating clients about how to create synergy in their physical and emotional lives.

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